Call progress tone generator software for telco engineers


CPT-Master provides convenient generation of Call Progress Tones for telephony developers and telco engineers.

icon24-bulb Based on the World Tone Database, with around
1,700 records for over 190 countries.


CPT event processing

VoIP, PBX and telco engineers use CPT-Master as a PC-based tone generator in their test setups to verify correct behaviour of telephony equipment and software. Comprehensive testing with accurate as well as non-ideal frequencies and/or timings is possible, since CPT-Master is able to generate custom tone frequency/cadence combinations.

CPT data review

Engineers at Radisys Corporation used the optional ToneSet Export feature in CPT-Master, together with custom reporting, to supplement and review their in-house data.

Dial tone immunity of DTMF decoders

DSP engineers at Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. used the optional ToneSet Export feature in CPT-Master to quickly and easily generate a set of international dial tones which they used for testing dial tone immunity of DTMF decoders.

World Tone Databasetm offline version

A number of subscribers to the World Tone Database rely on CPT-Master as an offline version of the web-based service.

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