International call progress tones for IP-PBX and VoIP telephony

PSTN Compliance Data

Welcome to our revamped World DAA Database, dedicated to the A-Z of global wireline compliance. From here you can check the parameters for a specific country or list the countries that match the selected parameters.

The term D.A.A. stands for Direct Access Arrangement, which is the isolating circuitry used to couple a telephone line to electronic equipment. Examples of such equipment are modems, VoIP gateways and PABXs.

Please note that this service is experimental and that the dataset is provisional.

Pulses for digit 1..9,0
Make/break ratio
Pulses per second
Interdigit time (ms)
DTMF power (dBm)
DTMF on/off time (ms)
Ring frequency (Hz)
Ring voltage (Vac)
Ring threshold (Vac)
Ringer impedance (ohms)
On-hook voltage (Vdc)
Min. on-hook time (s)
Min. off-hook delay (ms)
Min. blind dial delay (s)
Max. answer wait time (s)
Tx level (dBm)
Caller ID type
Billing tone
Calling tone
Guard tone (Hz)
Impedance (ohms)
Type approval
Advisory note
Regulatory body
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