Call progress, modem handshake & protocol analyser for V.22bis dial-up systems


Supported modulations V.22bis (2400 bps)
V.22 / Bell 212A (1200 bps)
V.23 / Bell 202 (1200 bps)*
V.21 / Bell 103 (75 to 300 bps)*
*Note: For FSK modes, asynchronous only
Supported handshakes Standard ITU-T
FastConnect SDLC
Supported data formats Asynchronous (7 or 8 data bits, 0 or 1 parity bits)
Synchronous data link control (SDLC)
High-level data link control (HDLC)
Message parsing ISO-8583 Financial transaction messages
Data display formats Merged, Split and Raw views
Customizable hex-dump format
Financial message field dump
Raw bit-stream view
Instrumentation Spectrogram, Spectrum analyser and Tone event logging
Constellation display with Modulation error ratio estimate
Audio format WAV file format, 9600 Hz 16 bit linear PCM
System requirements Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP (32/64 bit) on entry-level PC
Audio input port (for live audio capture)