Call progress, modem handshake & protocol analyser for V.22bis dial-up systems


I have used your device with a couple of payment companies in Australia and have found it simple to use and extremely useful. David A. - Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Your LineScope is definitely a precious tool for us, as we are trying to understand the behaviour of increased network delay on POS terminals FastConnect handshake. Michel D. - Rycom Inc, Canada
The Linescope software is so perfect! It not only can trace the data, but also analyse the frame error. Thank you for developing such a good software. Jia B. - Jiangsu Dongda SEUIC, Nanjing, China
We can't thank you enough for the great LineScope tool. We use it almost everyday and it is really helpful. Francis L. - SPECTRA Technologies, Hong Kong
The LineScope tool has helped us a lot to debug the HDLC protocol. It's so smart to create a product like LineScope, thank you for the great product. Teddy H. - Uniform Industrial Corp, Taiwan
The lawsuit is over. We won! Thanks for making a great product that helped justice prevail. Matt V. - Expert witness, USA
How rare is it that a software company asks for improvements, listens to that, then actually implements what you asked for? That's awesome! Jason L. - Ingenico Inc, USA
Just wanted to say that it is a great tool and I recommend it to my customers for debugging their terminals during lab certifications. Michael F. - Transcation Network Systems Inc, USA

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